3CX Version 9 Service Pack 1

3CX has released a service pack for the version 9 build 13545 of their phone system. This service pack can be applied to the latest build without re-installing.

Updating your 3CX Phone System 9 installation

1.Log in to the 3CX WINFORMS Management console. Note that the update procedure is only available in the winforms version of the management console.
2.You will notice that the node 3CX Phone System Updates is highlighted in Red. This means that there is an update available.
3.Expand the node 3CX Phone System Updates and click on 3CX Service Packs/Updates
4.You can see the update and click on the Change log link where you will see all the comments and fixes in this update. Select the checkbox and click on Download Selected.
5.The download of the package will start automatically, The management console will close, and all the components will be updated. Status and progress will be updated on screen. The last message will be Starting Services.
After this the windows management console will come up and you can log in with your credentials.
Important Notification: On some systems, it is possible that the action Starting Services takes between 6-10 minutes. This is a known issue in the previous updater. So be patient. If after 10 minutes the message is still there, go to services.msc and start the services manually. Start/Run/Services.msc and start the 3CX Database server followed by the 3CX Configuration service and the rest of the services.

Features include

■ Ability to configure that a desk phone AND mobile number can be rung simultaneously.
■ Backup and restore automatic migration when a backup is restored on a machine which has a different IP address/network topology. Components like 3CX Tunnel, Secure SIP, Fax, Provisioning files and Outgoing default local address parameters are updated automatically
Android Provisioning – a new Android device can now be provioned with a new OR an existing extension (i.e. to do SIP forking)
■ Database updater can now seamlessly update all the components in the 3CX Phone System without uninstall/reinstall
■ Ability to Send call to Voicemail of another extension. Voicemail boxes will be seen in the dropdown
■ When option “Automatically log me in/out of queues” is checked in extension settings, a change in profile to away and out of office will update the profile and also log out the extension from the queues. Even if the profile change is made from the 3CX Assistant
■ Template for UKRtelecom – VoIP Provider in the Ukraine

■ Ability to change SMTP port for sending of voicemail
■ Server core Line ID not properly generated in multiple contacts
■ Issues in Call History when call is not answered or destination is busy
■ Manual link in management console
■ Delay in connections using tunnel and one of the bridges is down
■ Cache timeout increase in Abyss webserver configurations to reduce delay in first IVR call
■ Rebound feature showing original caller caller id. (if VoIP Provider or gateway supports this)
■ Caller ID from External number to a queue is now showing correctly
■ DTMF problem in Rebound not playing call screening or disconnecting when pressing # or invalid dtmf presses
■ IP addresses starting with 169 are now showing however they will show at the end of the list because they might be AIPPA addresses
■ Issues in recording
■ Issue in special reports with answer time
■ Issue when updating destinations of forwarding rules in all profiles
■ BLF bug in blind transfer
■ Unterminated call after transfers in some scenarios
■ Issue in service starter taking long to start the services. (Fix will be applied on the next update)
■ Several issues related to Call Reporter, call history updating and query functions in the database.
■ Generation of reports when reports have over 500,000 calls. Reports with over 5000 pages will be slower but will also work
■ Active directory import users function when Caller ID is blank and other issues related to winforms
■ Database caching size to optimize speed of queries

Known issues
1.Call reporter might show time durations with a negative sign. This is a known issue caused by a bug in Version 8 and has been fixed in version 9. Unfortunately for the backups taken from version 8 we cannot fix this completely on restore because the data is already affected.
2.Call Reporter might remain for some time showing a message “Accessing Data” or “not responding”. This is because there are a lot of records and the database is busy with queries. If you query a report with a lot of records (over 5000 pages) it is advisable to take a backup of these records by generating a report in csv or pdf format and delete the old records to clean up the database. The reports that are affected by this behaviour are “Call Logs Report” and “Call Statistics”. Eventually the report will be generated however.