My Review on Plantronics | Voyager Legend CS

If Beats by Dre was making office headsets, this is how they would be! For about $300, Voyager Legend CS Bluetooth Headset System by Plantronics is one the hottest tech toys available.

Why is it so Hot? It lets its users communicate on their desktop/office phone and mobile phone all while using the same headset via Bluetooth connection. How much time do you spend using phones at your job? You likely have more than one headset, this system will eliminate additional headsets and using the Voyager Legend UC Base it allows you to connect all three phone usages (VoIP, mobile and desktop).

You will be amazed from its usability, outstanding audio quality and its noise cancelling technology blocking nearby voices, car horns, even wind.

Treat yourself with one and start working better!

3CX and beroNet Connect to Guarantee Full Support for Partners and Customers

Strategic partnership combines 3CX’s award-winning Windows-based IP PBX with beroNet’s VoIP Gateways for a fully interoperable enterprise unified communications solution.
LONDON UK and BERLIN, GERMANY, 15 JANUARY 2014 – 3CX, developer of the award-winning Windows VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, and beroNet, a German-based gateway manufacturer, announce that through their strategic partnership, beroNet gateways are fully interoperable with 3CX Phone System, guaranteeing 3CX customers and resellers full support.
“beroNet is a highly regarded European gateway manufacturer and this cooperation allows us to offer our customers a front-line, best of breed PBX solution. This partnership provides an unwavering guarantee to all our customers and partners that 3CX Phone System is fully supported by both companies, and thus provides them with peace of mind,” said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.
“3CX is the world’s most innovative Windows based PBX system and it’s our aim to provide our partners and customers with quality gateways to accompany this renowned UC solution. Together, beroNet and 3CX will ensure that our gateways are fully tested with 3CX Phone System before their release, thus ensuring the entire beroNet line of gateways fit in seamlessly with 3CX,” said Christian Richter, beroNet, CEO.

Guaranteed Interop between beroNet Gateways and 3CX Phone System

The 3CX and beroNet partnership provides advanced integration and full interoperability between 3CX Phone System and beroNet gateways. All firmware will be tested on 3CX Phone System before its release, giving partners and customers peace of mind. 3CX and beroNet will work together to ensure that the gateways are automatically configured with 3CX Phone System and that any interoperability issues which may occur will be solved.

Gateways – Still a Necessity

Even though VoIP is very popular, many businesses still prefer to use their existing phone lines. Some businesses may need their VoIP phone system integrated with their existing telephony equipment and fax. There is no other way to achieve this without using a VoIP gateway.
beroNet gateways are known for their high quality standards and provide 3CX Phone System users with the ability to virtualize 3CX Phone System with Hyper-V or VMware. In the event of hardware failure, 3CX Phone System continues to run and processing usage is reduced. For businesses that want to leverage SIP trunks and break free from their proprietary PBX but at the same time use their existing phone lines, beroNet gateways are the ideal solution.
About 3CX (www.3cx.com)
3CX is the developer of 3CX Phone System which is an open standard unified communications platform for Windows that works with standard SIP phones and replaces any proprietary PBX. 3CX Phone System is more manageable than standard PBX systems and delivers substantial cost savings while increasing productivity. Some of the world’s leading companies and organizations use the 3CX Phone System, including Boeing, the Caterham F1 Team, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Harley Davidson, and MIT.
3CX was named a CRN Emerging Vendor in 2011 and 2012 and has been awarded CRN’s 5-Star Partner Program rating in 2013. 3CX has also been awarded Windows Server Certification and won the Windowsnetworking.com Gold Award, the Windows IT Pro 2008 Editor’s Best Award and a Best Buy Award from Computer Shopper.
3CX has offices in Australia, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Malta, South Africa, the UK and the U.S. Visit us at: http://www.3cx.com, and on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/3CXPhoneSystem.
About beroNet (www.beronet.com)
beroNet is a German company founded in 2002 by 3 engineering entrepreneurs and is a recognized expert in the development of products and technologies for both the enterprise and service provider markets that enable reliable and efficient VoIP, ISDN, Analog & GSM connectivity technologies and through access devices engineered and manufactured in Germany.
beroNet is emerging as the leading designer and manufacturer for low density, high density PSTN & GSM VoIP access technologies through VoIP Gateways and PCI / PCIe Cards and products that are gaining both in dominance and preference by a growing number of PBX, Open Source, Call Center and IVR integrators as well as PBX equipment manufacturers and operators.
beroNet is dedicated to advanced VoIP telephony solutions. We work towards the evolution and embrace of next generation IP communications: technologies that combine the best of the Internet with the best of the existing fixed and wireless telephony infrastructure, breaking down the barriers to communications and making it easier for people and businesses everywhere and anywhere to communicate.

Detect Under Hood Hacker Activity on Your Website

Website security means more than having a security provider that scans your site for malware or checks if your home page URL is blacklisted by Google. Just because your website doesn’t show any signs of malware infection, is not always a certitude that your website is safe. Saying that, how would you know that your website was compromised?

A hacker can find a security vulnerability or discover your admin login credentials and break into your website. Even if you are a simple blogger, without having stored customer credit card details or sensitive information on your database, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concern about hackers. Hackers have different reasons for launching attacks apart from earning money. Some of them aim to spread political or harmful messages around or they might simply not like your website and want to make you look bad. They can change the content of your website without injecting malware, so you might not even notice it. This is why you need to check your file integrity validation to make sure that your web files have not been changed without your consent.

WebsiteDefender is of the few web security providers that offer you this possibility. To ensure that you have a secure website or blog, WebsiteDefender will alert you as soon as it detects file changes that can point to hacker activity. Furthermore, it will provide you a forensic analysis in order to see all the changes a hacker made and compare them with the previous version of your files. WebsiteDefender offers other security features that boost your website security such as:
  • In depth security checks for malware.
  • Frequent checks for vulnerabilities, malware or under the hood hacker activity.
  • Email alerts on detected issues and clear instructions on how to fix them.
  • WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin that offers additional security checks for your WordPress installation.
Recently WebsiteDefender has introduced new features that provide automated backups and restoration of your entire website, currently tested in Beta and available upon request. WebsiteDefender is therefore one of the most comprehensive online security services available on the market at this moment of writing.

You can sign up for a WebsiteDefender account here to make sure your website or blog is highly protected against hacker attacks, malware and vulnerabilities.

Has Your Website Ever Been Hacked?

Have you ever got bizarre error messages when trying to access your web browser even if everything checks out clean? Or notice strange facts on your website such as the price changing or specific files not being shown properly or not at all? Have you ever suspected that your website has been hacked or infected with malware?

It’s likely that you may come across a website that has been infected with malware. In fact, there’s even a chance that your website could be prone to hacking activity. Nowadays, hackers will target any website and blog that isn’t adequately protected. Knowing this, shouldn’t you make sure you’ve covered all the angles when it comes to securing your website?

Even if you think your website doesn’t offer hackers anything, to them, you’re still a target. Attacks happen for many reasons - some might do it for fun, while others might have dangerous intentions such as compromising your data, stealing your customer database or breaking into your bank account. Failure to properly secure your website could invite hackers in.

If you’re searching for a solution to secure your blog or website, WebsiteDefender.com will strengthen your website security. This online security service (currently free to use in Beta), helps you secure your website and blog from malware or any hacking activity.

The great thing about WebsiteDefender is that you don’t need any technical background to use it. You don’t need to install software, no training and maintenance is required and once activated, will not slow down or impact your site performance whatsoever. WebsiteDefender is being used by homemakers and seasoned bloggers.

This online application will monitor your website or blog and notify you immediately about any suspicious activity or security weakness, giving you clear instructions on how you can fix any security leaks. Furthermore, it will check if your website is blacklisted by Google or any other internet search engine. Sign up for the WebsiteDefender free security service today.

Unlike other security services, the WebsiteDefender Team has developed special security plugins for WordPress users. Therefore, if you have a WordPress website or blog, WebsiteDefender will check your installed plugins and analyse your WordPress database for any suspect vulnerabilities. Start checking your WordPress security by installing the WebsiteDefender WordPress Security Plugin.

Hope this was a helpful advice for your web application and we welcome any feedback or suggestions.

3CX Mobile Device Manager

3CX Mobile Device Manager is an online service that secures, monitors, manages and supports your mobile devices. Remotely manage applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.

With mobile devices and applications flooding the market, mobile device management is growing in importance. Support costs and security risks in business are lowered when companies optimize the functionality of their mobile devices, while controlling and protecting data and configuration settings on them.

3CX Mobile Device Manager leverages Google Maps via its user-friendly online dashboard, which allows users to easily find and track connected devices in real time and view the routes employees take. You can also send messages to any number of devices simultaneously without any charge and receive instant delivery status.

Security is increased as users can remotely lock mobile devices or completely erase sensitive company data from an abused, lost or stolen mobile device and any attached SD cards with the remote wipe feature. 3CX Mobile Device Manager also offers secure communications between the 3CX Mobile Device Manager servers and devices in order to keep data secure.

3CX Mobile Device Manager allows users to manage mobile apps that are on each device. You can deploy apps to connected devices without needing to upload them to the Android Market, as well as manage, block or remove rogue apps on individual or groups of devices. By doing this, you can ensure your data plan and call budgets remain below their limits.

Have complete control over all your mobile devices with mobile device management. Sign up for your free 3CX Mobile Device Manager account today. For more information, visit http://www.mobiledevicemanager.com

3CX Named a 2011 CRN Emerging Technology Vendor

3CX, international telecommunications developer of Windows-based PBX software, has announced its' selection as a 2011 CRN Emerging Technology Vendor. The annual list features the most innovative vendors who deliver technology that is easy to use and also generates the high margins solution providers require.

3CX Phone System is the product that saw 3CX make the list, drawing praise for offering a high-value, low-cost VoIP IP PBX that’s software-based and provides unified communications. By being Open SIP Standard, it is simple to manage and it works with any SIP IP phones. 3CX Phone System runs on Windows and can be virtualized. It has a low cost when compared with proprietary phone systems. Being an IP-based PBX means that there’s no need for separate wiring as all phones use the existing computer network, saving yet more expenditure.

3CX saves businesses money on their telephone administration costs as it works seamlessly with leading VoIP providers and allows users to make and receive calls via Skype. It improves employees’ productivity with desktop call control presence. 3CX delivers mobility to employees by allowing them to work from home via remote extensions.

The 3CX Channel Program is open to all IT and telecoms solutions providers and allows resellers to use their Windows skills so as to tap into a completely new market. 3CX Partners generate profitable recurring income as they resell 3CX products and their own services to existing customers, whilst also targeting new customers. The roll-out involves software / hardware sales and provides the opportunity for consultancy.

Benefits of the 3CX Partner Program include access to free products and technology. There are also many free partner training events held worldwide each year and resellers get direct access to the 3CX Support Team.

"Enabling customers with the tools and strategies to solve real business problems has always been a priority to solution providers. The market has grown increasingly competitive over the years; so too has the demand for innovative, channel-friendly technologies. From the cloud to semantic technology, this year’s list of Emerging Technology Vendors highlights the emphasis on innovation and ease of use that has been the hallmark of any successful channel offering," said Kelley Damore, VP, Editorial Director of Everything Channel.

Nick Galea, the CEO of 3CX said, "We are proud to have been included in this year’s CRN Emerging Technology Vendor list. 3CX continues to lead the market for Windows based IP PBX solutions. Companies are switching to 3CX Phone System as it allows them to make huge savings on their monthly telecoms bills and provides rich features. 3CX is a 100% channel company, providing an excellent opportunity for IT specialists to resell a high-value, low-cost PBX solution, as well as bundle in hardware and consultancy services to their existing and new customers. 3CX provides all the tools needed for our channel partners to be successful.”

Vendors on the 2011 CRN Emerging Technology Vendor list were founded in 2005 or later, have revenue under $1 billion and have an active U.S. channel strategy. Final selection to the Emerging Technology Vendor list was made by the CRN editorial team. For more information, visit http://www.3cx.com

3CX and Grandstream Announce Strategic Partnership

3CX, the international developer of the award-winning 3CX Phone System for Windows and Grandstream, a leading designer and manufacturer of next generation IP Voice and Video products for broadband networks, have announced a strategic partnership. 3CX will become one of the preferred PBX partners of Grandstream, and 3CX will fully certify and integrate Grandstream’s broad portfolio of IP phones, gateways and multimedia phones. This allows customers to easily provision and manage Grandstream phones from the 3CX Management console. It's going to be much easier to configure and set-up phone systems with this integration and ongoing management will be reduced. 3CX and Grandstream will also commit to advanced feature development and providing end-to-end support to customers, giving companies peace of mind that the complete solution is supported by both companies.

“We are pleased to establish a partnership with 3CX to promote the combination of the market leading software-based 3CX Phone System and the award-winning Grandstream IP phones and multimedia phones. This best-in-class product combination creates an excellent value and innovative solution for the SME market,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream Networks.

“The combined 3CX & Grandstream solution is very easy to install and manage for customers, and is a great replacement for outdated proprietary phone systems. Because both products are standards-based, customers do not get tied in with one particular vendor and companies can buy best of breed, with full confidence in the complete solution,” said Nick Galea, CEO at 3CX.

The partnership has already resulted in benefits for customers and resellers: 3CX has shipped enhanced Grandstream phone support in Service Pack 4 of 3CX Phone System 9. It is now possible to provision and manage Grandstream phones from the 3CX management console, including the ability to upgrade the firmware network wide via the 3CX management console.

Grandstream has also launched a special reseller program which allows resellers and distributors to get rebates for selling Grandstream phones with 3CX solutions. 3CX was hereby one of the first suppliers to sign on with Grandstream’s reseller program as a result of the completion of extensive testing and 3CX getting full certification to Grandstream’s entire endpoints product line.

For more information, visit http://www.3cx.com