Detect Under Hood Hacker Activity on Your Website

Website security means more than having a security provider that scans your site for malware or checks if your home page URL is blacklisted by Google. Just because your website doesn’t show any signs of malware infection, is not always a certitude that your website is safe. Saying that, how would you know that your website was compromised?

A hacker can find a security vulnerability or discover your admin login credentials and break into your website. Even if you are a simple blogger, without having stored customer credit card details or sensitive information on your database, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concern about hackers. Hackers have different reasons for launching attacks apart from earning money. Some of them aim to spread political or harmful messages around or they might simply not like your website and want to make you look bad. They can change the content of your website without injecting malware, so you might not even notice it. This is why you need to check your file integrity validation to make sure that your web files have not been changed without your consent.

WebsiteDefender is of the few web security providers that offer you this possibility. To ensure that you have a secure website or blog, WebsiteDefender will alert you as soon as it detects file changes that can point to hacker activity. Furthermore, it will provide you a forensic analysis in order to see all the changes a hacker made and compare them with the previous version of your files. WebsiteDefender offers other security features that boost your website security such as:
  • In depth security checks for malware.
  • Frequent checks for vulnerabilities, malware or under the hood hacker activity.
  • Email alerts on detected issues and clear instructions on how to fix them.
  • WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin that offers additional security checks for your WordPress installation.
Recently WebsiteDefender has introduced new features that provide automated backups and restoration of your entire website, currently tested in Beta and available upon request. WebsiteDefender is therefore one of the most comprehensive online security services available on the market at this moment of writing.

You can sign up for a WebsiteDefender account here to make sure your website or blog is highly protected against hacker attacks, malware and vulnerabilities.

Has Your Website Ever Been Hacked?

Have you ever got bizarre error messages when trying to access your web browser even if everything checks out clean? Or notice strange facts on your website such as the price changing or specific files not being shown properly or not at all? Have you ever suspected that your website has been hacked or infected with malware?

It’s likely that you may come across a website that has been infected with malware. In fact, there’s even a chance that your website could be prone to hacking activity. Nowadays, hackers will target any website and blog that isn’t adequately protected. Knowing this, shouldn’t you make sure you’ve covered all the angles when it comes to securing your website?

Even if you think your website doesn’t offer hackers anything, to them, you’re still a target. Attacks happen for many reasons - some might do it for fun, while others might have dangerous intentions such as compromising your data, stealing your customer database or breaking into your bank account. Failure to properly secure your website could invite hackers in.

If you’re searching for a solution to secure your blog or website, will strengthen your website security. This online security service (currently free to use in Beta), helps you secure your website and blog from malware or any hacking activity.

The great thing about WebsiteDefender is that you don’t need any technical background to use it. You don’t need to install software, no training and maintenance is required and once activated, will not slow down or impact your site performance whatsoever. WebsiteDefender is being used by homemakers and seasoned bloggers.

This online application will monitor your website or blog and notify you immediately about any suspicious activity or security weakness, giving you clear instructions on how you can fix any security leaks. Furthermore, it will check if your website is blacklisted by Google or any other internet search engine. Sign up for the WebsiteDefender free security service today.

Unlike other security services, the WebsiteDefender Team has developed special security plugins for WordPress users. Therefore, if you have a WordPress website or blog, WebsiteDefender will check your installed plugins and analyse your WordPress database for any suspect vulnerabilities. Start checking your WordPress security by installing the WebsiteDefender WordPress Security Plugin.

Hope this was a helpful advice for your web application and we welcome any feedback or suggestions.