3CXPhone 5 adds video, BLF to free soft phone in Smartphone Look


3CX’s popular free business soft phone does Unified Communications and becomes ‘Zero Admin’

London - November 30, 2010- 3CX today announced a new version of its popular free VoIP soft phone for Windows, 3CXPhone 5. New features added to 3CXPhone 5 include standards based video support, multiple SIP profiles, BLF and the ability to provision and manage all soft phone installations network wide. 3CXPhone 5 will remain completely

3CX and Phonzo offer complete VoIP PBX solution in Norway and Sweden

Nicosia, Cyprus and Oslo, Norway - 12 November 2010 - 3CX, the international developer of the award-winning 3CX Phone System for Windows has completed full interoperability testing with VoIP service provider Phonzo and announced today a strategic partnership providing a fully integrated VoIP solution for SMB markets in Norway and Sweden.

Polish foundry forging ahead with 3CX Phone System

Large manufacturing companies use GUSS-EX to provide design, production planning and casting of machine parts. They also provide warehouse logistics services for clients that want to plan and optimize their storage systems. This foundry focuses on streamlining its operations and enhancing the competitiveness of the Polish foundry industry. GUSS-EX is based in Poland and recently expanded with new offices in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.IT Manager of GUSS-EX, Piotr Rowinski, wanted to network these new offices to the Polish headquarters. While researching, he found that the current system they had was not scalable, it was extremely expensive, they were locked into one vendor and it was complicated to deploy to remote offices. Piotr decided that he needed to find an alternative solution and this is where 3CX stepped in.

3CX Phone System solved all the problems that Piotr was faced with, but also found 3CX to be flexible, low on cost, easy to manage and administer. 3CX works with standard SIP phones, supports various VoIP providers and is far less expensive than a traditional PBX.

After the installation of 3CX, GUSS-EX immediately noticed a rise in productivity since calls are not dropped or lost ‘on hold’. The management team was more than satisfied with the level of support and because of the user friendly interface, both users and administrator were up and running in no time with the new system.Piotr Rowinski says, “After I discovered 3CX I can’t really understand why people keep on spending so much money on their ‘old fashioned’ closed telecommunications systems.”

The full case study can be found here.

Neon Healthcare organisation glows with 3CX!


Neon Health Services Inc., a well known organisation in Cleveland Ohio, which is now entering its 40th year as a network of community health centers, has entrusted 3CX as their telephony provider.

Neon Healthcare has an overall staff of 280 and a network of six health centers. They offer accessible, comprehensive primary care services to the entire family, including Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Practice, OB / GYN, Behavioral Health, Dental Optometry and Podiatry services.

Al Barker, CIO, Neon Health Services, was looking to find a new solution to replace the complex and unreliable phone system they had. He was looking for something that was Windows based, reliable, able to accommodate to a large number of calls and to integrate their stock of existing SIP phones. After downloading and testing the free version of 3CX Phone System, Al found 3CX to be the perfect match.

A key factor to Al’s decision on implementing 3CX was that it is Windows based and easy to manage. This would have been unthinkable with Linux. Al found that not only are the cost savings impressive from installing 3CX , but it has also increased productivity and mobility to the staff by staying connected while out of office. Staff member are now able to stay in touch at all times with the free 3CXPhone (soft phone) and/or 3CX Assistant.

“..The installation of the 3CX communication system has transformed me to hero. Thanks 3CX!” says Al Barker.

The full case study can be found here.

3CX Releases Free VoIP Phone for Android


3CX, which makes the VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System and the Windows 3CX softphone, today added a free VoIP phone for the Android OS to its growing list of products.

The phone can be downloaded for free by both consummers and enterprises.

Therefore Android smartphone users on a variety of phones (including the Google Nexus, the HTC Desire and the Sony Ericsson Xperia) can make free phone calls via 3G and wireless.

The 3CX free VoIP phone for Android mobile works with standards based SIP servers including 3CX and other Phone Systems.
It is not locked down to a particular PBX or provider.

This gives users the flexibility to pick and choose their favorite VoIP PBX. They can also switch at any time or use different VoIP providers simultaneously.

The CEO of 3CX, Nick Galea, said: “Smartphones will soon be the defacto mobile communication option. With a docking station they can even act as a desk phone in time.
"A VoIP PBX must embrace this technology and deliver seamless integration to provide true mobility to its users.”
“Smartphone support is a key component of our strategy and the 3CXPhone for Android delivers on this vision”.

Mr Galea added: “We chose Android as our first platform because it is gaining market share and evolving at a rapid pace. Right now in the smartphone market Android has an advantage as it is standards-based, open and vendor independent. Furthermore Android mobiles are available at competitive prices.”

3CXPhone for Android is based on SiPagent. 3CX acquired this popular SIP phone for Android in June 2010. SiPagent users are able to upgrade free of charge to the 3CXPhone.

3CX Version 9 Service Pack 1

3CX has released a service pack for the version 9 build 13545 of their phone system. This service pack can be applied to the latest build without re-installing.

Updating your 3CX Phone System 9 installation

1.Log in to the 3CX WINFORMS Management console. Note that the update procedure is only available in the winforms version of the management console.
2.You will notice that the node 3CX Phone System Updates is highlighted in Red. This means that there is an update available.
3.Expand the node 3CX Phone System Updates and click on 3CX Service Packs/Updates
4.You can see the update and click on the Change log link where you will see all the comments and fixes in this update. Select the checkbox and click on Download Selected.
5.The download of the package will start automatically, The management console will close, and all the components will be updated. Status and progress will be updated on screen. The last message will be Starting Services.
After this the windows management console will come up and you can log in with your credentials.
Important Notification: On some systems, it is possible that the action Starting Services takes between 6-10 minutes. This is a known issue in the previous updater. So be patient. If after 10 minutes the message is still there, go to services.msc and start the services manually. Start/Run/Services.msc and start the 3CX Database server followed by the 3CX Configuration service and the rest of the services.

Features include

■ Ability to configure that a desk phone AND mobile number can be rung simultaneously.
■ Backup and restore automatic migration when a backup is restored on a machine which has a different IP address/network topology. Components like 3CX Tunnel, Secure SIP, Fax, Provisioning files and Outgoing default local address parameters are updated automatically
Android Provisioning – a new Android device can now be provioned with a new OR an existing extension (i.e. to do SIP forking)
■ Database updater can now seamlessly update all the components in the 3CX Phone System without uninstall/reinstall
■ Ability to Send call to Voicemail of another extension. Voicemail boxes will be seen in the dropdown
■ When option “Automatically log me in/out of queues” is checked in extension settings, a change in profile to away and out of office will update the profile and also log out the extension from the queues. Even if the profile change is made from the 3CX Assistant
■ Template for UKRtelecom – VoIP Provider in the Ukraine

■ Ability to change SMTP port for sending of voicemail
■ Server core Line ID not properly generated in multiple contacts
■ Issues in Call History when call is not answered or destination is busy
■ Manual link in management console
■ Delay in connections using tunnel and one of the bridges is down
■ Cache timeout increase in Abyss webserver configurations to reduce delay in first IVR call
■ Rebound feature showing original caller caller id. (if VoIP Provider or gateway supports this)
■ Caller ID from External number to a queue is now showing correctly
■ DTMF problem in Rebound not playing call screening or disconnecting when pressing # or invalid dtmf presses
■ IP addresses starting with 169 are now showing however they will show at the end of the list because they might be AIPPA addresses
■ Issues in recording
■ Issue in special reports with answer time
■ Issue when updating destinations of forwarding rules in all profiles
■ BLF bug in blind transfer
■ Unterminated call after transfers in some scenarios
■ Issue in service starter taking long to start the services. (Fix will be applied on the next update)
■ Several issues related to Call Reporter, call history updating and query functions in the database.
■ Generation of reports when reports have over 500,000 calls. Reports with over 5000 pages will be slower but will also work
■ Active directory import users function when Caller ID is blank and other issues related to winforms
■ Database caching size to optimize speed of queries

Known issues
1.Call reporter might show time durations with a negative sign. This is a known issue caused by a bug in Version 8 and has been fixed in version 9. Unfortunately for the backups taken from version 8 we cannot fix this completely on restore because the data is already affected.
2.Call Reporter might remain for some time showing a message “Accessing Data” or “not responding”. This is because there are a lot of records and the database is busy with queries. If you query a report with a lot of records (over 5000 pages) it is advisable to take a backup of these records by generating a report in csv or pdf format and delete the old records to clean up the database. The reports that are affected by this behaviour are “Call Logs Report” and “Call Statistics”. Eventually the report will be generated however.

3CX Phone System 9 goes Unified Communications with Video support

V9 of the popular Windows Phone system adds video support, android client and enterprise capabilities

3CX has released version 9 of its popular phone system for Windows. Version 9 is a significant upgrade that adds video support as well as enterprise features such as the ability to monitor remote PBX installations via 3CX Assistant and automatic remote installation and configuration of 3CXPhone and 3CX Assistant.

“3CX Phone System 9 is now a complete Unified Communications solution –We have added standards based video and support for smartphones as clients. At the same time we have added key enterprise features that widen 3CX’s appeal to larger companies”

“3CX continues to take market share and now has over 20,000 server installations worldwide. I expect that with v9 this number will grow dramatically.”

Video support
V9 allows single click set-up of video calls with other 3CXPhone users or with standards based video phones such as from Xlite, Yealink or Grandstream.

To read more on this article, please click here.

3CX Phone System V9 gives Unified Communications solution


3CX, which offers a software based PBX for Windows, has released version 9 of its Phone System.

The Phone system V9 gives a free SIP phone for Android, video support and enterprise capabilities.

This upgrade allows clients to monitor their remote PBX installations via the 3CX Assistant. It also offers automatic remote installation and configuration of the 3CX Assistant and the 3CXPhone for a full Unified Communications solution.

The CEO of 3CX, Nick Galea, said: “The 3CX Phone System 9 is a complete Unified Communications solution. We have added support for smartphones as clients and standards-based video. Furthermore there are key enterprise features which widen 3CX’s appeal to larger companies”

He added: “3CX now has over 20,000 server installations worldwide. With v9 available this number will grow dramatically.”

The V9 Video support allows a single click set-up of video calls with other 3CXPhone users. Video calls are also possible to standards-based video phones including those made by Yealink, Xlite and Grandstream.

In terms of Android smartphone support, with 3CX v9 Android users can receive or make calls from anywhere using their extension. They just download the 3CXPhone for Android softphone and configure it to their 3CX Phone System account.

Other features are the provisioning of the 3CXphone and 3CX Assistant which makes deploying and administering installations much easier.

Phone System users can install the client apps by clicking on an HTTP link which will automatically install and configure them. Updates are automatically sent to the clients.

There is also Multi Site – Capability Monitor presence with queues on remote PBXs. This supports standards-based SIP phones, with no proprietary phones required.

The 3CX Assistant now lets you create conference calls to internal and external users easily and offers improved presence and call forwarding.

For more information on the many features available visit 3CX.

Spread the word about the Windows Messenger App for the iPhone

The Windows Messenger app for the iPhone has spread like wildfire with over one million downloads in less than a week.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "This early momentum is fantastic and we really appreciate the feedback that we have been getting. Microsoft look forwards to updating the iPhone app shortly to address some of the issues that users have pointed out, so that we can continue to improve the experience."

Having initially seen the MSN product fall down the pecking order with the arrival of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, the Windows Messenger app has including social networking aspects like status updates and a photo album. Initial feedback from the industry has praised the app for being well designed and easy to use.

Not only is Windows Messenger available through this app, but there are millions of people who are connecting with Messenger friends on  mobile phones through a browser, client application or SMS. The download is free so it can't hurt to have a look.

Free 3CX SIP phone for Android launched


3CX, the company which created a phone system for Windows to replace your proprietary Phone Branch Exchange (PBX), has now launched a free Android Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone.

3CX has created the Android SIP phone in recognition of the increasing importance of the smartphone in conjunction with a modern VoIP PBX.

The popularity of the 3CX softphone means that a beta version has been brought out for the Android Platform, immediately available for the Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2

It can be accessed on many smartphones including Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson as well as Google HTC (including HTC Desire and HTC Elite).

The 3CXPhone for Android SIP Phone is available via the Android market place. You just open up the market place and search for 3CXPhone to install it. The 3CX VoIP Phone for Android is free of charge. Not only does it work with the 3CX Phone System, but also numerous other VoIP services.

iPhone 4G gives great video


Well the Apple iPhone 4G was demoed last night and it looks like it will live up to the hype.
One of the most impressive features is video chat. No need to arrange a time to Skype anymore, you get the full interactive face-to-face chat right on your smartphone. Pretty cool huh?
Apple CEO Steve Jobs left it right to the end to unveil a little beauty which he smugly referred to as ‘Facetime’. The video looks so smooth and of such high quality that he was obviously confident enough to undersell it.
By making a quick call to his senior VP of design, Jobs showed that the Apple iPhone 4G video chat feature is very easy to use with no set-up required.
It can be used from the back or front camera, and you can choose your perspective with landscape and portrait modes. The phone is available on SIP and other industry standards.
But there must be a catch? There is. This VoIP smartphone can only be used over Wi-Fi connections. Jobs also explained that we will have to wait a while before ‘Facetime’ can be used on a 3G network.


Free Skype VoIP 3G calls


You can now use the Skype 2.0 update with the Apple iPhone to make free VoIP calls over your existing phone plan.
This service will be in the iPhone Appstore, that is, until August when Skype have announced that they will start levying a small subscription charge.
That fee will almost certainly be made up for quickly once you can make free Skype to Skype calls across smartphones. With an unlimited monthly or yearly plan available from Skype this new feature could cut down your calling costs massively.
This is in part because the American network operator AT&T have allowed cellular access to their VoIP network.
Although Skype to Skype calls have always been possible, in the past they could only be made using a Wi-Fi connection.
Not only can you save a packet on your calling costs but you can take advantage of faster setup times and crystal clear calling quality.
Unfortunately Skype don't seem to have any plans to do the same for the Windows Phone, so bad luck if you're stuck on that platform :(

AT&T network rings dead


A major American phone system operator suffered from a dead network in more than 20 US states.
The AT&T Inc system failed for four hours last Tuesday preventing customers from making their usual voice calls over an internet connection.
An AT&T spokeswoman Mari Melguizo said: “The outage started at about 10.30am but the service was restored to most subscribers at 2.45pm. However the full extent of the outage is unknown.”
The network failure highlights possible problems with relying on Voice over Internet Protocol
A crashed server meant that the whole internet phoning system was rendered ineffectual.Customers who were trying to use AT&T’s U Verse VoIP phone service were greeted with no dial tone.
The problem was created by an IP network failure in the United States. There are an estimated 1.15 million AT&T U Verse Voice customers.

VoIP creates huge company savings


An American company is saving a staggering $20,000 per month by using VoIP instead of a traditional office phone system.

Aquent is a recruitment firm based in Boston and the company decided that its previous phone system had become outdated and turned instead to a VoIP solution.

Not only is the company now saving on the cost of each and every phone call but the VoIP telephone system requires no training to implement or costly maintenance.

An Aquent spokesperson said: “There have been many benefits of switching to VoIP but one of the main pluses is integrating all forms of communication within the company."

With the VoIP system employees can now send voicemails in the form of email attachments or engage in video conferencing, which is ideal for communicating with their colleagues who are working from home.

Skype hesitant about developing mobile software for Windows Phone 7


The Skype Asia and Pacific Vice President said at a meeting in Sydney that the VoIP company would not be developing mobile software for the Windows Phone 7.
The announcement followed news that the internet calling provider has scrapped its Windows Mobile app, saying that the OS was not up to standard.
A Skype spokesperson commented: "We try and focus on where the best experience is, not only where the need is. We feel that Skype can best develop by serving its existing operating systems – Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iPhone.
Skype qualified this hesitancy by adding: “We are giving consideration to developing a Skype app for Windows Phone 7 but the question is how quickly we’re going to get around to it. We feel that the best areas for us to develop are on the operating systems that we currently support.”
Skype is currently the world’s most successful VoIP calling application and it has more than 520 million users worldwide. Skype has just released new low-cost calling plans as well as a beta Skype 5.0 version which allows five way video calling.
Industry analysts have seen Skype’s rejection of the Microsoft app as a serious blow to the Microsoft’s hopes of infiltrating the smartphone market.

NTA creates VoIP solution for mobile phones

The UK VoIP provider is to launch the True Mobile VoIP solution which gives customers VoIP flexibility through the use of a SIM.
The VoIP solution is expected to reduce costs for NTA mobile users. The company gives VoIP access without relying on WiFi, a SIP client or VoIP software.
NTA Managing Director Paul White said: “We will now be able to take our customer’s existing mobile phone and make it an extension of the NTA network.
“This pioneering move means mobile phones can now have the same impressive functionality as an office-based VoIP system.”
Mr White added that NTA is the first VoIP provider to offer pure-play VoIP for mobile customers, in addition to Mobile VoIP Extensions which do not have area limitations or expensive mobile forwarding charges.
Various different telephone numbers can be assigned to the NTA SIM card, whether they are mobile or landline numbers. The SIM gives many of the traditional benefits associated with VoIP such as call recording, call transfer and fax to email capabilities.
The service will cost £7.99 per month (plus £0.99 for number hosting) when it is launched on May 28, 2010.

CallTower forges Unified Communications partnership with InterCall

A leading provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has partnered with the one of the world's largest collaboration services and conferencing providers InterCall.
The partnership will combine the audio conferencing expertise of InterCall with CallTower’s UCaaS in order to deliver cost savings, reliability and productivity to businesses.
Executive VP of InterCall Unified Communications Services, Bob Wise, said: "Many SMBs are interested in the benefits of increased productivity and cost savings which are delivered by Unified Communications.
“However, they are worried about complicated implementations, hardware expenses and the daily management requirements.
"This solution provides an easy, low cost and scalable Unified Communications service to meet market needs."
The Hosted Unified Communications Service includes central hosting and the management of Microsoft® Office Communicator r2, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Microsoft® Exchange, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Microsoft® SharePoint.
Executive VP of sales, business development and marketing at CallTower, Bob Barnes, said: "Our move from being the number 1 conferencing provider to the number 1 collaboration provider is a natural process that reflects market progress.”

Blackberry uses PBX and WiFi support to give employees central contact point


The BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 (MVS5) employs PBX and WiFi support to allow workers to use their landline phone number and extension from their BlackBerry smartphone.
They can also receive and make calls, or look up corporate directory numbers on their home WiFi network using their BlackBerry mobile device.

BlackBerry MVS5 calls are routed through a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) which is supplied by Cisco Systems. The PBX connects telephone extensions from inside and outside the corporation. The result is a product similar to Google Voice where you can have one number for all your calls.

The impressive new product will be available from all major American stores this summer including Wal-Mart. It was originally unveiled by RIM, the maker of Blackberry, at its Wireless Enterprise Symposium.

In a press release RIM said: "With MVS5 employees are now more accessible via their work number and also enjoy the convenience of extension dialling from their BlackBerry smartphone. Furthermore they have the flexibility to move calls from their BlackBerry to their desk phone."

By putting calls through to both the BlackBerry and the desk phone, employees stay connected with colleagues. And when mobile workers use WiFi for mobile calls they actually save their companies international roaming charges and long-distance fees.

BlackBerry MVS 5 includes BlackBerry MVS Server, which enables communication between PBX and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
There is also a BlackBerry MVS smartphone client software application which can be distributed over the air to BlackBerry smartphones through BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Android points the way with new sat nav system

Sat navs may soon be a thing of the past given the advances in smartphone technology.
The Android platform is the latest operating system to make use of Google’s maps and provide drivers with a step-by-step guide to their route.
Android provides a free download from the Google Maps market which is easy to download.

Then, by clicking ‘Navigate’, the phone downloads the entire route you wish to take (so having a signal is not necessary during your trip).
Previously only available in the United States of America, Google Maps can now be accessed by Android users in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Owners of HTC Desire, Nexus One or Motorola Milestone phones with version 1.6 of the Android operating system or above can make use of the maps technology, though it is still only in Beta.

Probably the biggest advance is a compatibility with Google Street view which allows you to actually see the street you should be driving down as you look for the turning. You can then use real pictures of buildings or landmarks as a reference. Google Street view can be brought up with a simple double tap on the screen.
Utilising both touch-screen technology and the latest in voice-recognition, the Android can find exactly which address, shop or business you are looking for.
As the system is web-based the latest maps are always available, unless you have signalling problems. There could also be high costs for people using their Androids abroad.

Also, if you enter a generic term such as ‘hotel’ it will come up with advertised hotels nearby. This could disrupt the advertising revenue streams currently employed by sat nav companies.
The phone system can also deliver live traffic updates using a colour-coded system to tell you whether certain roads are jammed.
3CX Phone System for Windows Recognized for Exceptional Innovation

3CX announced today that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC®) has named 3CX Phone System for Windows as a recipient of its 2009 Unified Communications magazine Product of the Year Award.

Nick Galea, CEO, 3CX says “3CX excels at building an easy to use and easy to manage unified communications platform for any size business. We are delighted that the 3CX Phone System for Windows has been recognized for the unique unified communications capabilities and was awarded for the 2009 Product of the year Award for two consecutive years."

3CX Phone System for Windows is a revolutionary IP PBX that delivers unified communications technology by merging voice and data networks, allowing businesses to simplify real time delivery of information and ensure ease of use.

With 3CX IP PBX, collaboration between co-workers is made easier and cooperation with business partners and clients becomes more direct; even when the parties are not located in the same place.

To read more on this press release, please click here.

VoIP comes to Blackberry

While Android, i-Phone and Symbian have long had VoIP technology, wireless voice over IP capabilities are only now just coming to the Blackberry platform.

The software comes courtesy of German developer fg microtec which has created a new kit with the aid of Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of Blackberry smartphones.
It uses fg microtec's fgVoIP Engine to allow developers to add full duplex media processing. Therefore they can send and receive real time voice to a BlackBerry.
Robert Mirbaha, CEO of fg microtec said: "For a long time VoIP on BlackBerry has been both a challenge and a market requirement. Companies have tried to crack this problem for many years without success."

"But now through our new fgVoIP Engine, BlackBerry developers can create VoIP-enabled applications in less time. This allows more users to benefit from the cost advantages of VoIP."

Until recently RIM has only had VoIP capability through Unlicenced Mobile Access. Now though FG Microtec has created a VoIP toolkit which can be used in association with products such as Truphone.

Intec develops solution to congested VoIP line between Tokyo and Shanghai

By developing a new device, the Japanese IT company Intec has enabled quality VoIP, video conferencing, email and packet sharing between two countries.

The Blue Coat PacketShaper has helped overcome the network congestion which was hindering communication between Tokyo and Shanghai.

The congestion was slowing down both remote file access and email capabilities making it difficult for Intec to do business.

Intec general manager Satoshi Nishihara, of the information systems department, explained: "Because of severe congestion on the line between our Tokyo headquarters and our Shanghai development centre it was not possible to use VoIP or video conferencing.

"The Blue Coat PacketShaper device helped us to regain control of our network. This brought it in line with our business priorities and ensured quality communication.

Although Shanghai and Tokyo are relatively close the network was so busy that there was a latency of only 300 milliseconds. This poor latency was mainly caused by a high volume of web traffic narrowing the available bandwidth.

The Blue Coat PacketShaper was able to cut down response time between the server and the client and therefore boost business.

Lotus Racing Formula 1 communications accelerate with 3CX

3CX appointed Official Technical Supplier

London March 24 - Lotus Racing and 3CX announce that, 3CX has been appointed as technical
supplier and that Lotus Racing has installed 3CX Phone System in its technical centre and mobile race track operations. Thepopular VoIP PBX system will be used for each F1 race around the globe – providing the vital comms link between Norfolk HQ and the track team.

Commenting on this alliance, Lotus Racing Head of IT Bill Peters said “We needed a state of the art PBX that would deliver unified communications and high quality voice across the globe. 3CX and Lotus Racing clearly share the same ethos of excellence and success, with a winning attitude.” 3CX Phone System Enterprise Edition 8 was implemented last month at the Technical Centre in Hingham, Norfolk with 1 Patton ISDN E1 gateway, VoIP Unlimited trunks and 130 Cisco SPA phones.

Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX felt privileged to be selected by Lotus Racing. “It's a team with a long heritage of success and technical innovation in a sport which depends so much on technology and reliability. We’ve built reliability into the core of 3CX and to receive acknowledgment from Lotus Racing is a great accolade for the 3CX Team.”

Although there are many benefits to implementing 3CX Phone System, the top paybacks for Lotus were seen as follows:

  • Mobility: 3CX Voip technology enables staff to work remotely around the globe. Remote extensionstrackside enables the racing crew to talk to each other irrespective of their location. The MyPhone portal makes it easy foreach employee to configure rules on how calls were to be treated and routed.

  • Manageability: Extensions and phone lines can be added on-the-go with a few clicks and the phone system can be backed up like any other windows application.

  • Savings: A large proportion of Lotus’ phone traffic is now sent over inter-company VoIP
    circuits thereby considerably reducing high mobile phone costs and prohibitive roaming charges.

  • Unified Messaging: Employees have easy desktop call control and can contact colleagues and transfer calls with a click of a button. Voice mail and faxes are delivered to the users email inbox.

To read more on this press release, please click here.

Spitfire and 3CX offer channel complete SIP solution

London, UK – February 17, 2010 - Spitfire, the leading Internet Telephony Service Provider, has completed full Interoperability testing with 3CX and agreed to promote 3CX to Spitfire’s 200 strong partner channel. Spitfire has become a 3CX Supported SIP Trunk provider, with Spitfire SIP Trunk configuration built into the latest release of 3CX software, and support for Spitfire SIP Trunks being available from 3CX’s global technical support center.

Spitfire presented 3CX to its partner channel in a joint seminar for Spitfire Partners at the end of January 2010, to promote the benefits of the 3CX IP phone system using Spitfire SIP trunks. In addition to this 3CX is holding two fully subscribed training days exclusively for Spitfire Partners at their training center in Kingston-upon-Thames.

The 3CX phone system is a Windows based IP PBX that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX. 3CX’s IP phone system has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard.

Spitfire’s Partner Service provides a wide range of telecoms support for IT support companies and VARs looking to move into voice. This includes overviews on an introduction to telecoms, third level support and access to Spitfire’s Wholesale Line Rental and SIP products.

Nick Goodenough, Spitfire’s Partner Service Manager says, “Our aim is to help IT companies that wish to move into voice take the initial steps. IT resellers have great relationships with their clients and are on site on a regular basis. They should consider providing voice as delivering and supporting another application on the LAN. Spitfire’s role is to provide our IT Partners with the service wrap and products to give them the confidence to provide voice services with our support. Spitfire offers over 20 years experience in the voice market and is now a leader in SIP Trunks, VoIP and business Internet connectivity, so we offer the complete package to support IT companies moving into voice”.

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3CX appoints Electronic Frontier as UK distributor

3CX, the leading IP PBX software manufacturer, partners with EFL to help expand it’s UK channel business

London and Theale, Berkshire, 16th February 2010: Electronic Frontier Ltd (EFL) has been appointed UK distributor by 3CX, the award-winning IP PBX software manufacturer. EFL will promote the complete range of 3CX products and offer full support and training for UK based dealers and resellers. At a strategic level, the agreement will allow EFL to offer 3CX as a bundle with a range of approved products, including Patton VoIP gateways and IP Phones.

Conor McCann, EFL’s General Manager, commented on the agreement, “We are delighted to be working with 3CX who we see as a pioneering player in the software-based IP PBX market. It offers great synergy with our existing VoIP portfolio and will allow us to offer even greater value to channel partners seeking best of breed VoIP solutions.”

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3CX and Beronet announce strategic partnership to provide complete IP PBX solution


Certified interoperability between 3CX’s popular PBX for Windows and Beronet’s Berofix VoIP gateways guarantees customers’ piece of mind.

London, UK and Berlin, Germany – 1 February 2010 – 3CX – developer of the popular software PBX for Windows - 3CX Phone System, and Beronet – an industry leader in VoIP gateway equipment – announced today a strategic technology partnership that pairs 3CX’s software-based IP-PBX with Berofix VoIP gateways.

The partnership ensures that both companies will commit to do ongoing interoperability testing, ensuring that customers can buy best of breed VoIP software and hardware, yet still be assured of an end to end solution supported by both vendors.

The IP PBX and VOIP Gateway certified interoperability allows companies to immediately realize the cost-saving benefits of VoIP, whilst utilizing existing ISDN lines and thus enabling a gradual transition to VoIP. The Berofix VoIP Gateways are available as add in cards or as separate stand alone units. In both cases they fully support virtualized environments and do not require operating system drivers. The range starts with 4S0 (4BRI) and goes up to 4E1 connections. The cards can be upgraded allowing the customer full flexibility. A GSM and Analog interface module is in development. Selected 3CX and Beronet distributors will be offering special bundle pricing.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Beronet,” said Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX. “Berofix VOIP Gateways are well-designed, competitively priced and highly scale able. They work perfectly with 3CX and thus resellers can deploy the solution with confidence, knowing they will be fully supported by both Beronet and 3CX.”

”We are honored to be working with 3CX” said Thomas Haeger, CEO of Beronet. “3CX Phone System for Windows is an innovative and reliable PBX with significant market share. We are very pleased that 3CX, the market leader in Windows PBX, has chosen Beronet for their certification program.

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3CXPhone 4 delivers free softphone in Smartphone look


3CX’s popular free business soft phone gets intuitive new interface

3CX today announced a new version of its popular free VoIP softphone for Windows, 3CXPhone 4.0. 3CXPhone 4.0 sports an all new interface that should be familiar to millions of users the world over. Similar in look and feel to popular smart-phones, users will be able to make and receive calls without requiring any training.

“3CXPhone is a great VoIP phone for businesses. It’s easy to deploy and manage for network administrators. Users will love it for its cool look and intuitive interface.” Said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.

Completely free

3CXPhone is provided completely free of charge to individuals and organizations including commercial entities. All features (including call transfer) are enabled. This makes it easy for companies to deploy it on any Windows desktop without having to worry about cost or licensing hassles.

3CXPhone 4 is international

3CXPhone 4 is available in several languages. Besides English, it is also available in German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and very soon in French.

3CX Phone – key features:

  • Choose from several popular phone interfaces

  • Supports multiple SIP profiles

  • Shows personal call log/history

  • FREE – no license fees

  • Supports G.711, GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs

  • STUN support for NAT/firewall traversal

  • Installation provided as MSI for easy deployment

  • Works with 3CX Phone System, Asterisk and popular VoIP providers

  • Supports Plantronics headsets

  • Environmentally friendly

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3CXPhone 4 delivers free softphone in Smartphone look


3CX’s popular free business soft phone gets intuitive new interface

London 12 January, 2010 - 3CX today announced a new version of its popular free VoIP softphone for Windows, 3CXPhone 4.0. 3CXPhone 4.0 sports an all new interface that should be familiar to millions of users the world over. Similar in look and feel to popular smart-phones, users will be able to make and receive calls without requiring any training.

“3CXPhone is a great VoIP phone for businesses. It’s easy to deploy and manage for network administrators. Users will love it for its cool look and intuitive interface.” Said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.

Completely free

3CXPhone is provided completely free of charge to individuals and organizations including commercial entities. All features (including call transfer) are enabled. This makes it easy for companies to deploy it on any Windows desktop without having to worry about cost or licensing hassles.

Remote extensions are easy with the 3CX Tunnel

3CXPhone can easily be configured as a remote extension, allowing users away from the office to easily connect to the corporate phone system. The unique tunnel feature proxies all SIP & RTP traffic over a single port and makes firewall and NAT configuration a breeze. It is also possible to configure it as a remote extension using ‘direct SIP’.

“The soft-phone is becoming a serious ‘IP phone option’ for businesses. They are easy to manage, save on electricity and administration. 3CXPhone is free of charge and is also very easy to setup as a remote extension, allowing users to connect into the company phone system from wherever they are” said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.

3CXPhone 4 is international

3CXPhone 4 is available in several languages. Besides English, it is also available in German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and very soon in French.

3CX Phone – key features:

  • Choose from several popular phone interfaces

  • Supports multiple SIP profiles

  • Shows personal call log/history

  • FREE – no license fees

  • Supports G.711, GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs

  • STUN support for NAT/firewall traversal

  • Installation provided as MSI for easy deployment

  • Works with 3CX Phone System, Asterisk and popular VoIP providers

  • Supports Plantronics headsets

  • Environmentally friendly

More information and download

More information about 3CXPhone 4 can be found on its product page. A dedicated user to user support forum is available here. 3CXPhone 4 can be downloaded directly from here:


About 3CX

3CX is the market leader in Windows VoIP PBX software. Its product, 3CX Phone System for Windows, has earned Windows Server Certification and has received numerous awards, including The Windowsnetworking.com Gold Award, the Windows IT Pro magazine 2008 Editor’s Best Award and a Best Buy Award by Computer Shopper Magazine. 3CX has offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Australia and Hong Kong. For more information visit http://www.3cx.com/.