3CX Mobile Device Manager

3CX Mobile Device Manager is an online service that secures, monitors, manages and supports your mobile devices. Remotely manage applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.

With mobile devices and applications flooding the market, mobile device management is growing in importance. Support costs and security risks in business are lowered when companies optimize the functionality of their mobile devices, while controlling and protecting data and configuration settings on them.

3CX Mobile Device Manager leverages Google Maps via its user-friendly online dashboard, which allows users to easily find and track connected devices in real time and view the routes employees take. You can also send messages to any number of devices simultaneously without any charge and receive instant delivery status.

Security is increased as users can remotely lock mobile devices or completely erase sensitive company data from an abused, lost or stolen mobile device and any attached SD cards with the remote wipe feature. 3CX Mobile Device Manager also offers secure communications between the 3CX Mobile Device Manager servers and devices in order to keep data secure.

3CX Mobile Device Manager allows users to manage mobile apps that are on each device. You can deploy apps to connected devices without needing to upload them to the Android Market, as well as manage, block or remove rogue apps on individual or groups of devices. By doing this, you can ensure your data plan and call budgets remain below their limits.

Have complete control over all your mobile devices with mobile device management. Sign up for your free 3CX Mobile Device Manager account today. For more information, visit http://www.mobiledevicemanager.com