3CX Phone System Provides Economical Enterprise Telephony on Windows

3CX frees the Enterprise PBX from proprietary hardware, dramatically reducing the cost of Enterprise telephony

Miami, Florida – 26 June 2007 – 3CX today released the Enterprise edition of its new product 3CX Phone System, a Windows-based IP PBX that completely replaces a proprietary PABX. 3CX Phone System is based on the open SIP standard and interoperates with a wide range of popular SIP phones, VOIP Gateways and SIP-based providers. The Enterprise edition of 3CX Phone System implements enterprise telephony features such as Call Queuing and Exchange 2007 integration. It has been independently tested and certified for Microsoft Windows 2003.

The Call Queuing feature allows companies to hold callers in a queue, whilst agents answer calls. Agents are able to login and logout to queues from Windows seeing the exact number of callers in the queue.

The Exchange 2007 integration feature allows 3CX Phone System to use the Unified Messaging Server in Exchange Server 2007 as the voice mail server. This way, users can connect to their Exchange Server to listen to their calendar, have Exchange read out mails and receive their voice mail in their email inbox.

“The release of 3CX Phone System Enterprise edition is set to accelerate the massive change occurring in the Enterprise Telephony market space. With 3CX Phone System Enterprise Edition, advanced features such as Call Queuing can now be obtained for a fraction of the price of traditional Enterprise PBXs. What’s more, advanced features such as integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 unified messaging are not even available on today’s proprietary PBXs,” said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.

Key features of 3CX Phone System Enterprise Edition:

  • Complete phone system - provides call switching, routing & queuing
  • Eliminates phone wiring & patching of extensions to a particular network point
  • Makes teleworking easy because employees can answer extension from home
  • Purchase cost dramatically lower than a traditional hardware PBX
  • Scalable - Unlimited extensions and phone lines. No proprietary expansion modules needed!
  • Web-based configuration & status indication - Easy phone system management!
  • Unified messaging - Receive voice mail via e-mail
  • Auto attendant (e.g. 1 for sales, 2 for support etc.)
  • Reduces long distance and inter office call costs using VOIP providers.
  • Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging integration
  • Call Queues
  • Certified for Windows 2003

Four available editions: Small Business, Pro, Enterprise and Free
3CX Phone System for Windows is available in 4 editions: The Small Business Edition supports up to 25 extensions, the Pro edition supports an unlimited number of extensions. The Enterprise edition includes advanced features such as Exchange 2007 integration and Call Queuing. Pricing is competitive: Small Business costs $350, the Pro runs at $895 and Enterprise costs $1250.

3CX Phone System Free edition
A free edition, supporting an unlimited number of extensions, is also available. The main difference with Pro and Small Business is that it’s not possible to buy a support package for the free edition, nor does it include the advanced features of 3CX Call Assistant. Not withstanding, the Free Edition does more than most commercial PBXs do; including an auto attendant, voice mail and even user-to-user support via the 3CX moderated product forums at http://www.3cx.com/forums/. The free edition can be downloaded from http://www.3cx.com/ip-pbx/index.html.

About 3CX
3CX is a privately held company with a management team backed by years of experience in developing and selling network infrastructure software. It maintains a global presence with offices in 6 countries and localized information available in German (www.3cx.de), Spanish (www.3cx.es), French (www.3cx.fr), Portuguese (www.3cx.com.br), Japanese (www.3cx.jp), Traditional Chinese (www.3cx.hk), Simplified Chinese (www.3cx.cn), Vietnamese (www.3cx.vn) and Korean (www.3cx.co.kr). Furthermore a localized website is maintained for all major countries: www.3cx.it, www.3cx.nl , www.3cx.ru, www.3cx.pl, www.3cx.ae, www.3cx.gr, www.3cx.cz, www.3cx.dk, www.3cx.fi, www.3cx.hu, www.3cx.jp, www.3cx.com.tr, www.3cx.no, www.3cx.ro, www.3cx.com.my and www.3cx.se.


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