Over 1,100 media outlets registered in Uzbekistan

TASHKENT, Feb 18, 2009 (Asia Pulse Data Source via COMTEX) -- The total number of the media outlets registered in Uzbekistan has exceeded 1,100. Currently, 1,119 media outlets, including 957 printed publications, 78 electronic (TV and Radio channels), four news agencies and 80 Internet marketing publications are registered in the country communications unifiées. The Uzbek agency said that 45 printed publications and 50 websites received licences to carry out activities in the country last year alone. At the same time, 29 applicants for a licence to centrala telefonica were rejected in 2008 because their founders' documents failed to meet the current legislation. Moreover, last year the voz ip agency brought a motion against the founders of voip 230 (183 printed and 47 electronic) media outlets for "grave violation of legal acts". There were over 1,000 media outlets in Uzbekistan in 2007.

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