VoIP comes to Blackberry

While Android, i-Phone and Symbian have long had VoIP technology, wireless voice over IP capabilities are only now just coming to the Blackberry platform.

The software comes courtesy of German developer fg microtec which has created a new kit with the aid of Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of Blackberry smartphones.
It uses fg microtec's fgVoIP Engine to allow developers to add full duplex media processing. Therefore they can send and receive real time voice to a BlackBerry.
Robert Mirbaha, CEO of fg microtec said: "For a long time VoIP on BlackBerry has been both a challenge and a market requirement. Companies have tried to crack this problem for many years without success."

"But now through our new fgVoIP Engine, BlackBerry developers can create VoIP-enabled applications in less time. This allows more users to benefit from the cost advantages of VoIP."

Until recently RIM has only had VoIP capability through Unlicenced Mobile Access. Now though FG Microtec has created a VoIP toolkit which can be used in association with products such as Truphone.


Unknown said...

Just a note:
We did not receive any help from RIM.
We have used a standard BlackBerry platform SDK without any support from RIM.