iPhone 4G gives great video

Well the Apple iPhone 4G was demoed last night and it looks like it will live up to the hype.
One of the most impressive features is video chat. No need to arrange a time to Skype anymore, you get the full interactive face-to-face chat right on your smartphone. Pretty cool huh?
Apple CEO Steve Jobs left it right to the end to unveil a little beauty which he smugly referred to as ‘Facetime’. The video looks so smooth and of such high quality that he was obviously confident enough to undersell it.
By making a quick call to his senior VP of design, Jobs showed that the Apple iPhone 4G video chat feature is very easy to use with no set-up required.
It can be used from the back or front camera, and you can choose your perspective with landscape and portrait modes. The phone is available on SIP and other industry standards.
But there must be a catch? There is. This VoIP smartphone can only be used over Wi-Fi connections. Jobs also explained that we will have to wait a while before ‘Facetime’ can be used on a 3G network.