Detect Under Hood Hacker Activity on Your Website

Website security means more than having a security provider that scans your site for malware or checks if your home page URL is blacklisted by Google. Just because your website doesn’t show any signs of malware infection, is not always a certitude that your website is safe. Saying that, how would you know that your website was compromised?

A hacker can find a security vulnerability or discover your admin login credentials and break into your website. Even if you are a simple blogger, without having stored customer credit card details or sensitive information on your database, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concern about hackers. Hackers have different reasons for launching attacks apart from earning money. Some of them aim to spread political or harmful messages around or they might simply not like your website and want to make you look bad. They can change the content of your website without injecting malware, so you might not even notice it. This is why you need to check your file integrity validation to make sure that your web files have not been changed without your consent.

WebsiteDefender is of the few web security providers that offer you this possibility. To ensure that you have a secure website or blog, WebsiteDefender will alert you as soon as it detects file changes that can point to hacker activity. Furthermore, it will provide you a forensic analysis in order to see all the changes a hacker made and compare them with the previous version of your files. WebsiteDefender offers other security features that boost your website security such as:
  • In depth security checks for malware.
  • Frequent checks for vulnerabilities, malware or under the hood hacker activity.
  • Email alerts on detected issues and clear instructions on how to fix them.
  • WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin that offers additional security checks for your WordPress installation.
Recently WebsiteDefender has introduced new features that provide automated backups and restoration of your entire website, currently tested in Beta and available upon request. WebsiteDefender is therefore one of the most comprehensive online security services available on the market at this moment of writing.

You can sign up for a WebsiteDefender account here to make sure your website or blog is highly protected against hacker attacks, malware and vulnerabilities.


terry.heffernan said...

This is all good stuff, but how about something for non-WP users

I had a painful experience last year, when one of my sites was hacked, and couldn’t find anything on the net that would protect against this type of intrusion. However, I have written my own script which will detect any file changes on a web site (including file permissions) and send an email notification on detection.

Although it won’t prevent a site from being hacked, it will act as an early warning system.

It’s intended to be used as a scheduled task or cron job, run, say, once an hour, and can be set up to monitor 1 or many sites, all remotely. No need to place files on the monitored site. I call it SimpleSiteAudit – it can be downloaded from

I’m a self taught, amateur programmer, so it’s freeware – although you are free to donate if you find it useful :o)

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