Skype hesitant about developing mobile software for Windows Phone 7

The Skype Asia and Pacific Vice President said at a meeting in Sydney that the VoIP company would not be developing mobile software for the Windows Phone 7.
The announcement followed news that the internet calling provider has scrapped its Windows Mobile app, saying that the OS was not up to standard.
A Skype spokesperson commented: "We try and focus on where the best experience is, not only where the need is. We feel that Skype can best develop by serving its existing operating systems – Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iPhone.
Skype qualified this hesitancy by adding: “We are giving consideration to developing a Skype app for Windows Phone 7 but the question is how quickly we’re going to get around to it. We feel that the best areas for us to develop are on the operating systems that we currently support.”
Skype is currently the world’s most successful VoIP calling application and it has more than 520 million users worldwide. Skype has just released new low-cost calling plans as well as a beta Skype 5.0 version which allows five way video calling.
Industry analysts have seen Skype’s rejection of the Microsoft app as a serious blow to the Microsoft’s hopes of infiltrating the smartphone market.