Intec develops solution to congested VoIP line between Tokyo and Shanghai

By developing a new device, the Japanese IT company Intec has enabled quality VoIP, video conferencing, email and packet sharing between two countries.

The Blue Coat PacketShaper has helped overcome the network congestion which was hindering communication between Tokyo and Shanghai.

The congestion was slowing down both remote file access and email capabilities making it difficult for Intec to do business.

Intec general manager Satoshi Nishihara, of the information systems department, explained: "Because of severe congestion on the line between our Tokyo headquarters and our Shanghai development centre it was not possible to use VoIP or video conferencing.

"The Blue Coat PacketShaper device helped us to regain control of our network. This brought it in line with our business priorities and ensured quality communication.

Although Shanghai and Tokyo are relatively close the network was so busy that there was a latency of only 300 milliseconds. This poor latency was mainly caused by a high volume of web traffic narrowing the available bandwidth.

The Blue Coat PacketShaper was able to cut down response time between the server and the client and therefore boost business.


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